Friday, 16 December 2011

And this is the cover of one that didn’t change my life


The eunuch of the title is the woman who castrates herself . She sells  herself into slavery (psychic or physical or both) to a man.  She services him, their children and the home -  a prison where she will serve her life-sentence.

By the time this book came out, in 1970, I had all the attributes that Germaine Greer most despised: husband, children, house.  As a feminist my argument was a simple one: equal rights and opportunities  -  no less but also no more. Greer’s vision was of a free and child-free world of  unrestricted love and sex . Her  beliefs grew out of her own experience of being a woman. She was  disgusted by  marriage and despised domesticity.

There was no place for me in her world . 

(Nor, incidentally, for the clever, nasty image on the book jacket. I’m rather shocked to remember  myself as censor and vandal:  I  tore it off.)

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