Wednesday, 28 March 2012

The finished copy!

I had always dreamed  of holding a hardback volume with my name on the cover, and that was one of the ambitions which, achieved, did not turn to dust and ashes. It was just  as gratifying and exciting as I had always imagined to unwrap the parcel containing the author's six free copies of my first book, a crime novel called A Charitable End.

Two dozen books and a lot of journalism later, you might think that I was immune to that naive emotion, but as a matter of fact I was thrilled the day before yesterday to be sent one advance  copy of The Feminine Mystique. I like the look and feel of the book. As for its contents………….. well, I don't expect many reviewers to share my opinions.

But one of the curiosities of modern publication is that the book seems to be available and can be bought on Amazon a good month before it’s  officially published, on 26th  April. It gives me a whole month to be nervous in!




  1. Congratulations! It must be a wonderful experience. (And I like the new colour scheme of this blog, by the way, it is more readable.)

  2. Thank you Maxine!
    As for the blog, I'm being remarkably dumb about social media. I think of myself as a long-time, experienced computer user, but am having real trouble with twitter,facebook and even blogs. At least I did manage to make this less invisible when another reader rightly criticised it. Best wishes, J.