Friday, 9 August 2013


I have realised that I'm something of a jinx on publication dates.
For example: The day the paperback edition of one of my best reviewed and best-selling novels was due to come out,  the distributor's computer broke down. It was  out of action for 6 weeks, so  by the time the book was available, all the pre-publicity and reviews were forgotten. Predictably, the sales figures were disappointing. Then, when  offered the next book, the publisher turned it down because  because the paperback of the last book hadn't sold!
Some other similar episodes should have taught me to predict and promise more cautiously. I should have known that it was tempting fate to announce August 8th as the publication date of DEAD WOMAN WALKING. And fate hasn't resisted temptation: the book is not ready or available yet after all. But this time I'm not saying when it actually will be available - because if I did, it wouldn't!

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