Thursday, 31 October 2013

Next stop:

Back from the Isle of Wight (bad weather, good sessions, both my own and others', and appreciative audiences) and next stop Cairo. I'm going to Egypt to visit my  Egyptologist daughter and her twin daughters. I might even re-read one of my own books, set in Egypt, on the journey. Death Beyond The Nile  features Tamara Hoyland, who was the heroine in six of my novels.  She's a creature born of fantasy, and of her author's discontent, in that she has all the attributes I'd have liked  myself, being brave, beautiful, athletic and above all completely  independent and free. She is an archaeologist and a kind of spy, travelling along the Nile  in an up-market kind of  group. The last book she appeared in was Faith, Hope and Homicide which appeared 21 years ago. In it, Tamara  falls in love. Spying adventures and happy marriage didn't seem compatible, so I wrote no more about Tamara. But her children must be off her hands by now.  I'm toying with the idea of a come-back.


  1. A comeback for Tamara? Sounds a good idea to me.

  2. I , too, would love to see a comeback of Tamara Hoyland. She was an excellent character, arguably the best you've ever written Jessica, and with female spies and sleuths in literary vogue right now, the time is perfect for a return! To me, she was a more captivating read than either of Elizabeth Peters' archeological heroines, and laid the groundwork for the next generation of feminine sleuth writers. Women who are intelligent, charming, witty, pretty, but could also pick your pocket of a clue without a second thought....those characteristics all belonged to Tamara first! I hope you take this idea to fruition!