Sunday, 26 February 2012

Bubblewrap Kids

Now that the Sunday Times has a pay-wall I can't direct you to an article in today's edition - but do want to mention a piece by Eleanor Mills called “ Just be glad, my little angels, you’re bubble wrap kids."

It's about what she calls last week's Internet and tabloid sensation -which passed me completely by – a “rose tinted eulogy" about the joys of an old-fashioned childhood in the 1950s. Since growing up in the 1950s is precisely the subject of my new book (The Fifties Mystique to be published by Quartet on 26th April) I'm fascinated to discover that the organisation sending out these inaccurate eulogies was the BNP!

Growing up in the 1950s seemed fine at the time and most of us were perfectly happy doing so  - but only because we didn't know any better. Who could now possibly wish to return to that era?  Wrong about this as about everything else, the BNP can't bear to think that (to use Eleanor Mills’ words) we are all in a much better place. But we are.

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