Wednesday, 30 May 2012


I mentioned Mike Ripley last month in the context of my non-fiction book The Fifties Mystique. He is, of course, an expert on crime fiction which is what I mostly read, write and review. Congratulations to Mike for being involved with Ostara  - a newish firm which is republishing (on paper and electronically) books that shouldn’t be forgotten. My book, FUNERAL SITES, is the only one in  their “Top Notch Thriller” list that is by a female writer.  But now Mike is going to edit a new series called Ostara Crime. Nobody would be surprised to find that the first half dozen to appear were going to be by men. Contrariwise  it’s an almost  revolutionary act  to choose  only women authors for  a general list, and that’s the decision Ostara’s Crime Editor has made. Congratulations, Mike, and good luck……………….and while we’re on the subject, what about including one of mine?


  1. I am SO longing to buy your book for my Kindle, but sadly - since my Kindle was 'born in the USA' I can only buy ebooks from (USA) and it's not available as an ebook there. Not allowed to buy it from! After reading the Spectator review, I just have to read it!
    Any ideas? It's a copyright issue, apparently. Anyway, lots of luck with the Fifties Mystique!

  2. Thanks for your good wishes - wish I could help. They'd probably let you buy the printed edition from Amazon UK, but I don't understand the various restrictions. Good luck anyway. And best wishes, Jessica

  3. Thanks Jessica - hell or high water I'll be reading your book, electronically or not! Diana